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Natalie Marzouca, an extremely talented and proficient artist, has been focusing on makeup artistry since the age of 12. Natalie was first influenced by the women in her family, who she would watch as they applied their makeup, and were always in the know about the latest cosmetic trends. By watching them, Natalie was inspired and began practicing a variation of looks on one of her best friends at the time. Natalie's aunt saw such admiration and enthusiasm for makeup artistry in her niece, thus providing her the book Making Faces, by Kevyn Aucoin as a gift; something Natalie will never forget.
At the age of 18, Natalie began working for cosmetic company Merle Norman, and her passion for the beauty industry continued to grow. Natalie is well versed in the cosmetic industry, and has had the opportunities of working for major brands, such as Bobbi Brown and the popular U.S based beauty store ULTA. Natalie then went on to become the Product Specialist at MAC Cosmetics; obtaining numerous certifications, including one for Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques. Not only has Natalie received certifications through MAC Cosmetics, but also through Sephora; an in demand cosmetics store recognized throughout many countries. 
In addition to receiving numerous certifications, Natalie has had the opportunity to train under celebrity makeup artists, like Angel Merino, Stephen Moleski and Mario Dedivanovic; who is Kim Kardashian's personal makeup artist. She has also had the pleasure of doing makeup for many celebrity clients as well. Some of these include numerous stars from popular television sitcoms, such as VH1's Love & Hip Hop. Natalie was also recently featured on Studio 62 and Scene on 7, a local television show discussing tips and techniques on enhancing your makeup. 

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